Sunday, July 29, 2007

finger lickin good

its just me and the kids solo for the next couple of days, yikes. My mom cooked some ribs and brought them over for dinner, now i have never eaten ribs at a restaurant before b/c my mom makes awesome ribs and i dont' want to be disappointed. Emma is just like Mikey and likes everything. She ate four ribs. Not much new this weekend, Friday i worked and my incision hurt like hell, i don't take pain relievers usually not even Tylenol or Motrin but i was popping Aleve like they were tic tacs. You ought to see it, looks kinda scary and every time i pick up one of the kids it pulls on my incision and i feel like my ribs are going to pop out. Sat was Chris's 15 year class reunion and that was fun, today me and the kids went to Target and hung out at home. Tomorrow we are going to the gym of course and then the pool.
Good news on the potty front, Audrey is using the potty for poop also. She started on Friday again, yeah! Today she said, Mommy i don't want to poop in my pants, i need to poop on the potty. This coming weekend is Mascoutah Homecoming which i am excited for, the kids love the rides, i like seeing everybody and drinking the cold beer, fish sandwiches, and french fries, so yummy. Have a good week.

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Jennifer said...

mmmm....ribs!! Can we come over? Cute pictures of Emma.

Stephanie said...

Awesome pictures those ribs do look yummy. Makes me hungry that is for sure. Sounds like a relaxing day. Awesome work on the potty training front sounds like she is on the road to being done...YEAH!

AmyWhit said...

LMAO. Now THOSE are cute...and you must keep them in color to get the whole effect of the BBQ sauce on her face. Love the second and third ones.

knicksgrl0917 said...

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