Friday, July 6, 2007

swimming pics from today

this is Allison playing with Christian in the pool, thankfully Ashley and allison watched the kiddos so i could run to Target, i am very short on babysitters for the next three weeks, yikes.

christian was really enjoying his yogurt.

Audrey attempting to surf.

Audrey told Emma to get on her back for a piggy ride as they call it, thought the story was cute, picture is not that great.
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Jennifer said...

I love Audrey's tongue whole she is surfing. Connor does the same thing when he is concentrating. Glad Allie and Ashley were able to help you out

AmyWhit said...

Great job. They are so cute....and they sure seem to be loving the pool. My kiddo has become a regular fish this summer. He wouldn't get out of the pool if I didn't make him. He's even been "swimming" in his sleep. LOL.

Stephanie said...

Looks like everyone had a good time now if you can get some sleep tomorrow will be a better day!! Allison looks like she is having a good time chilling in the pool with christian and that yogart looks yummy! Love the pics of the girls !!