Wednesday, July 18, 2007

not much new today

so we stayed home again today i worked on some sale stuff for the mothers of multiples sale in Sept.,, I want to have it done early since we will be on vacation and a couple of the moms want to preshop, yeah. my kids have way too many clothes. Good news on the potty training front, Audrey has not had any accidents and has pooped the past two days on the potty. I am so happy, we took her to pick out some panties and she chose cinderella! big surprise. Tomorrow is MDO, i will go to the gym for at least 1 hour and then come home and work some more on sale stuff, i want it ready to go by August 1st so then i can figure out what we will need for our trip. Tonight the Springer trips came over for a playdate, it was fun, the kids are so adorable and really well behaved, they are 13 months older than mine. Pam had to run home to have somebody check her a.c. so they stayed with me, i had six kids all under the age of four, it was fun but man was it hectic, i seriously had a beer in my hand while i was outside but i couldnt' get it open so i didn't drink it. Her kids are really well behaved and they follow the rules and share when you tell them their turn is next. I got some cute pics of her kids but i don't want to post them on my blog without her permission, i'm sure she wouldn't care but i won't.

this is Audrey i got her in the right light and right facial expression, i give it my thumbs up for the day.
Christian making a face, my camrea settings were screwy so it isn't that clear.
Christian running to see what Lexie and Lanie were doing.
the girls driving in the car, well Audrey was driving, actually she is waving so i'm sure she rear ended the car in front of her.

oh well off to spend time with the hubby.
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AmyWhit said...

Great news with the potty training!! Are Emma and Christian showing any signs of interest now that Audrey is a big girl?! It's just a matter of time! Maybe it's easier for you that they go one at a time. LOL. I can't believe you were home with 6 kids under 4. I would have rammed a screwdriver through that beer can to get it open! LOL. Actually, I don't I wouldn't have...but it's the whole thought...LOL.

Stephanie said...

WOW You are the potty training queen I would like to send maggie to your school when she is ready please!! Wow you had your hands full and I am sure managed it like a pro I wish I had you patience!!!

Amanda said...

You are truly a SAINT! So happy to here that Audrey has had no accidents...makes life a lot easier. LOL

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Audrey!! Big cheers for her on the potty training!