Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a little thing called retail therapy

so i am upset and needed retail thereapy, its always been a true stress reliever. tonight we all headed off to the mall to exchange pants for Chris, Audrey said she needed her walking shoes, well her Nike Shox that Amanda got her don't fit anymore. I wasn't going to buy them Nike Shox ever b/c they are expensive but once we tried them on their little feet i couldnt' resist, so Emma and Audrey each got a pair. YIKES. chirstian has two pairs which i paid under 20 dollars each for so i figure why not. So i feel better and Emma and Audrey kept saying how much they loved their new shoes. What's a momma to do?
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Stephanie said...

Retail Therapy works wonders doesn't it. Love those shoes. I am a sucker for cute shoes and cute kids in them too!!

Amanda said...

I love retail therapy too. Did some today for myself and scored some awesome bargains at Old Navy...1.97 is all I can say. Waaahhhoooo