Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more pictures

today we are going to get back to the pool, we havent' been since last week before Audrey started wearing panties, she was doing great pooping on the potty and then Saturday she has just started pooping in her pants, ughhhhhh. oh well if this is the worst problem in my life right now things are going good, i feel like such a failure b/c she was doing great and then she goes in her pants. and i am a little freaked about a mole that has changed significantly so i am going to the dr tomorrow. I hate going to the dr and stepping on the scale, i know issues but what i am freaked out about is skin cancer, it doesn't run in my family but i am just convinced that i am going to die from it. Hypochondriac i know. anyway Audrey is wearing her dress that she got b/c she has been in panties. Emma and Christian show no interest and i dont' think they ever will. oh well i need to get to the gym.
Last night i went out to eat with Becky and we had a great time, i dont get to talk to her much anymore, i dont get to talk to anybody really anymore. Tonight is my mommes dinner but idiot me scheduled myself to work, work has been crazy. they put me in charge on Sunday, i hate it, i did it up on the old floor i used to work on almost full time and yeah i just don't like it. All hell broke loose on Sunday night and it was a freaking disaster but the supervisor said i did a great job, i didnt' stuff just came together for night shift. I am dreading work, i just want and totally deserve a vacation. I just want a day to lay in bed and read but that is a dream i guesss.

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Amanda said...

Accidents happen Dana...don't beat yourself up over them. Great pictures. I love the ones on the balance beam.

Amanda said...

Oh forgot to say...good luck at the doctors. I hope everything is fine!

Stephanie said...

Good Luck at the Dr. The scale will be fine too they didn't weigh me at the skin dr though if that is where you are going. She is doing a great job going potty and you are a great mommy just be patient and it will happen. Rome wasn't built in a day you know.

AmyWhit said...

I agree about the potty training. Don't stress yourself. Just go with the flow...er, no pun intended! LOL. She'll get there in time.

Love the little princess pic. What a cutie!

Good luck at the doctor.

Jennifer said...

Look at that face on sassy little Audrey. She is too cute. I rephrase that, ALL of your children are cute. LOVE them all!! You are more than welcome to come to my house and work with Connor on the potty training, I think you are doing a fantastic job!!