Sunday, July 1, 2007

random pics

Okay not much new here, last night we went to Sarah and Ryans for a party and it was pretty fun. Chris went to high school with Ryan and his class reunion is this year, anyway when i asked Chris for some help with the kids he came in and said, its just like our high school reunion out there, ah one that is great but hello we just paid 130 dollars for your reunion so if we could have done this for free it would have been much better. Anyway the first picture is a wall in their basement that they made into a playhouse, you can see Audrey standing in the doorway if you look closely, inside they painted one wall with the chalk paint and have cool lighting in there, i would like to hang out inside but it is kind of small. Isn't that amazing artwork done by their friend.

this picture is of Audrey's feet,, she said momma take a pic of my feet so i did and it looks cool with the water ripples, the black mark is pen from where she drew on her feet.

in an attempt to get a bathroom wall picture of all three which obviously didnt' go well Audrey was covering her eyes, i think they burned b/c i used Pantene shampoo on them, i couldn't find the J&J shampoo, the reason why the J&J doesnt' burn is b/c it has lidocaine in it which is a numbing agent used in surgical procedures. ah you learn something new everyday.
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AmyWhit said...

what neat playhouse! very cool. i also like the feet picture!

Amanda said...

Love feet...well baby/child feet. That playhouse is cute. Who would have thought?

Jennifer said...

Even though I HATE feet, those are some pretty cute ones. I want a playhouse in my basement. Hmmm...maybe I'll have Chris remodel again.

Stephanie said...

That playhouse is cool!! Sounds like the party was fun. One foot two foot red foot black foot??? hehe