Tuesday, July 10, 2007

exhausting day

okay yesterday i didn't blog b/c one i didn't take any pictures and two i was just plain tired. We went to the gym yesterday and after i am done working out i shower and then get the kids in their swimsuits to to swimming, well when i went to get the kiddos dressed i realized that after packing two different suits for the girls i had two bottoms of the one. so we went home where i showered, gave them lunch that i had already packed and headed to the pool. I met Pam and her triplets who are almost four there, well we got there around 1215pm and didn't leave until 340pm, my kids played so well right through their naps, so they fell asleep in the car and when we got home we played. Lauren babysat the kids while Pam and i went to dinner, then this am i wake up at 630, i did some laundry, packed the kiddos lunch for the pool, packed a swimming bag, packed my gym bag, and then packed the kids in the car. Well we didnt' last too long at the pool, Emma through a tantrum, hit and kick me, yes my sweet little Emma who was for sale but isn't anymore, so i had to get all the kids and walk up the steps to put her in time out in the car, then when we got back Audrey said she wanted to go home. Now we had a little incident with poop in the swim diapers yesteday, yeah disgusting, so i said do not poop in your swim diapers, tell me and i will put a diaper on you. Well i asked audrey if she had to go and she said no, which when we were getting dressed she peed everywhere and started crying, so we headed home for the kids to take a 2.5 hour nap, that is giant for my kids who luckily will nap for an hour, i had to wake them up. Well Audrey wore panties tonight and peed on the potty a ton one time and then proceeded to pee on the floor 5 minutes later and was crying. i told her i would give her soda if she peed on the potty. and i gave her the Cinderella Barbie, well Emma sat on the potty for 30 min and peed a little and was crying for her Barbie also so i had to give her one. Well poor Christian who has peed on the potty occasionally wanted a Barbie, so Chris got out some of his old firetrucks and gave them to Christain which he loved hence the pics.

so since Pam had surgery i don't know when i am going to potty train the kids. according to triplet moms they say to wait until they are three, other people ask me and look at me like i have three heads which then i politely explain if they think they can do it go right ahead. I would love to have somebody potty train my kids. Hee hee i can hear Christian playing iwth the ladder on the firetruck and he is in bed. sorry i am just scared that i will screw this up and i dont know when the best time to do it is before or after our trip, i mean can you imagine when all three have to go potty right now on the airplane? anyway i am stressing myself out about this and i have no control over it.
Anywho i am reading the Proper Care and FEeding of Husbands and it is very good with good points, and i have come to realize that i piss myself off about people, i expect them to be like me and when they aren't it ticks me off, where i need to accept them for what and who they are. For instance one of my friends i thought was selfish but thats just the way she is and doesnt mean to be like that, i have accepted her so why does Chris little idiosyncrasies tick me off, i need to accept him for who he is. I've realized that men are simple and they don't over analyze everything. I am at the point again or maybe just PMSINg where i evaulate relationships in my life, friendships whatever and am at the point that it is a whole lot of work but it can't be a one way street. So anyway now i am babbling on and on.

Anyway my exhausting day wasn't so exhausting until some lady told me at the pool how tired she gets from just watching me, then i realized this is a whole lot of work but I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN, without help where some people cant even handle one child, and secondly you just do it so i will apply that to potty training when it comes time to do it, I will just do it and look at it like if this is the worst problem in my life i have it pretty easy. Good Night.

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Jennifer said...

Cheer up...don't worry about what anyone else thinks...potty train them when you are good and ready. I have people asking me all the time and Connor just turned 2!! Cute pics of Christian with his new firetruck

Stephanie said...

You should have been tired you deserve a rest!!! I love long naps Maggie has been notorious for them lately. Potty train them when you are ready not when someone else wants you to do it. Evaluations are sometimes hard but sometimes necessary!!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like your day was exhausting. About the potty training you do it when your good and ready...seriously. I thought I would do it this summer, but turns out this past winter was better and it worked. You'll know when and how, it will come to you. I hope that makes sense. :)

I'll have to read that book you mentioned. Sounds like a good one.