Wednesday, July 11, 2007


okay today we had a great day, Jeanette, Sarah and Travis came over while i ran a couple of errands and then i brought home Fortel's pizza for lunch which i love. Christian took a nap, the girls took forever to fall asleep then woke up within 30 min so off to the pool we went around 230, i was hesitant to go to the pool since it was a little cooler than usual but it ended up being beautiful, we played until 445 and then headed home. Audrey on the way home saw a funeral home that looks like a Victorian house and said that was the castle at Disneyworld, all i could do was laugh b/c that does resemble the castle (much smaller) but i never thought of it that way since it is a funeral home. Hopefully we don't have to take them there and then she say that out loud.

this pic is of the girls, they love these jammies, Audrey LOVES CINDERELLA, that is all the girl wants to wear and i got a good picture of them both looking at me, Emma hardly smiles or looks at the camera anymore so got lucky on this one. Everybody tells me how similar they look but seeing them everyday i think how could people get them confused, but then again i am their mother. They were so sweet today, everybody was, what a difference it makes if i am gone alot, their attitude and mine stinks.

Christian was playing with his hippo that he had lost for awhile and was just laying on the couch staring at it, by the time i grabbed the camera and got the settings the way i wanted them he was laughing at me.

oh and i am so happy usually right before i am ready to start my period i get so moody, and just agitated easily, well today i was cool as a cucumber and believe me they did test my patience, so maybe my prayers have worked to help me relax but this triplet thing is hard. I always wonder if i am favoring one, and i would like some one on one time every once in a while but when i get the chance i need some alone time also.
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AmyWhit said...

Adorable kiddos, as usual. I can only imagine how tough it is being the mother of triplets. Somedays it is all I can do to deal with one. Hopefully it will get easier as they get a little older. I'm sure you are a great mother. If you weren't, you wouldn't be worried about what you might possibly be doing wrong. You care, and they know it. It's all they really need. =) Glad it was a good day!!

Jennifer said...

I love all the pics...they are all smiling and looking so happy!! You are a great momma and the kids love you more than anything. I envy your patience with the kids. I don't think I could do it. I believe that God blesses those who can handle it with the joy of triplets. You and Chris and truely lucky ones!! Glad to hear you are in a better mood.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you had a good day! Besides my health it was good here too. You totally have way more patience than me...I envy you for that. I pray that one day God will bless me with some. :)