Thursday, February 21, 2008

no new pics

well i haven't taken my camera out lately, i have been super busy cleaning out our dresser and chest of drawers, good news we sold our bedroom set, bad news it is going this Saturday am, so i had two days notice. Let me tell you i worked like a dog to empty everything out, Chris was nice enough to get the crap under the bed out and vacuum. So today i had to run to Target get storage containers to live out of till our new set arrives, buy king size sheets, and just do the errands i thought i would get done while the kids were in MDO. It is sleeting here with possibliltiy of ice so probably no MDO tomorrow either, bummer b/c i have a lot of more errands that i could do but we will be stuck inside which may be good for the wallet, LOL.

Audrey now swims on her own, i looked up from the window on Tuesday and there she was swimming the pool with Emma, so we will do swim lessons again, i just need to get there to register again if this ice goes away. Last night was my MOMMES dinner and i laughed pretty hard, we talk about some funny stuff, embarrassed our waitress and probably offended half the people around us but it was a good time. We talk about everything and i mean EVERYTHING!

oh well i better relieve Chris, he is upstairs with the kiddos while i am posting on my blog. only 8 more days till the big 33, yikes i am thirtysomething. Now i just need to figure out where i want to eat on my birthday, i think maybe Mosaic which looks like a trendy place and then we are going to the new casino in St. Louis.j

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun night for the birthday. Yeah Audrey way to go on the swimming. Glad you are still feeling like doing something porductive and blessed that you can do it i.e. not on bed rest.