Thursday, June 28, 2007

cute boy for sale

okay Christian has always been a mommy's boy, from the time he was one month old he always wanted me,he was just this sweet boy, very passive, easy going, okay lazy, boy. What the he$% happened in the last week, he is headbutting, ramming his body into people and just a little roughhouser. He isn't ticked when he is doing this, he is just laughing and giggling but he hurts me. Today he bit Audrey HARD, i know Audrey has left ALOT of battle wounds on this guy but she has welts and it was bleeding a little, i don't know what started the whole battle but when i heard Audrey's pain cry i knew the beast had come out. He is cute, our neighbor just came by for a little bit and she said, "ah just a typical boy" i mean what the heck, Thank God he isn't on steroids he would be a beast then. So i will give him to you as long as i can have him in the mornings when he wakes up, he always comes into our room and says "Good Morning" so he is plesant.

so not much today i was a bad girl and didn't do the gym i went but left, i am sore and just lazy but i will go the next three days so no biggie. Tonight for snack we had Carmel Waffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen and oh my gosh it was the bomb, not a big caramel fan but you can't taste it, it had bits of the dipping stuff for dip cones, waffle bowl pieces, oh my gosh it was soooooooo Good. Today for MDO i ran to the mall and scored with some big time bargains at childrens place. oh well the cleaning lady comes tomorrow and i want to be ready and packed to go to the gym when she gets here so i better get off this computer.

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Amanda said...

I'll take him! And just like your neighbor said...just a typical boy! I've been reading bringing up boys by Dr. James Dobson. WOW! Some of the stories he has about boys in there...well lets just say I hope thats worst case scenario for boys. And well if my boys do anything like that well...I might just be in jail. Hopefully, it's just a phase and will go as quickly as it came.

AmyWhit said...

Your little boy is adorable. I'll take him!! Love the photos of the kids. I just can't imagine having three little ones the same age running around! LOL. You are a strong woman! And truly blessed!

Stephanie said...

I want him too!!! I love to roughhouse with boys since I have 5 uncles that loved to pester me to this day (even when I am a mom now) I have gotten a lot of practice over the years!!

Jennifer said...

He's welcome anytime. He an Connor can roughhouse together.