Friday, June 29, 2007

rainy day

this morning my cleaning lady came, she hasnt been here in a month and i always find it harder to keep up on stuff unless she's been here. Its easier to justify lets keep it nice since i just payed money versus well i didn't pay money so no biggie. then off to the gym we went after the gym we joined Belleville Library. Now i was saying prayers that taking my three two year olds into the library would not get us banished, and it didnt' but Emma almost took out a whole row of books, good think i had lots of painful contractions with the kids that my deep breathing came in handy in the library. LOL but they were good for the most part, we got two movies, some books for the kids and joined the reading club. I wanted to check out some books for myself also but if you keep the kids happy you keep mommy happy also. Next week i will get some books for me. The girls were watching Toy Story II, i wanted toy story I but they didn't have it, i am getting the kids ready for Disney next year and also getting them out of my hair for a little bit. Emma actually smiled for me in the next picture and Christian is too busy watching TV to even look at me. Oh well i work tonight that is why i'm doing this post early.

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AmyWhit said...

Love the last one of your boy. I like the angle you took with it. Down on his level. Christian is adorable. The girls are too, but could you please tell me how to tell them apart?! LOL.

I posted our first weekly challenge on my blog! So we have one week to meet the criteria and then post the images next Friday!

Jennifer said...

Love how Christian gets soo engrossed in the movie!! He doesn't even pay attention to mommy!!

Stephanie said...

That one of christian is adorable. Gotta love a good cleaning lady!!