Friday, June 8, 2007

a day at the zoo

so we cancelled swim lessons today b/c it was cold and rainy this am, i thought the kids would freeze to death. i picked up Ashley and Allison we headed to Schnucks for ingredients for a yummy recipe of Neiman Marcus cheesespread, it is super yummy, i made that up and then we headed off to the zoo. Ashley and Allison were a huge help, its amazing how hard of work it is to do by yourself when you have two wonderful helpers. Allison pushed the single stroller all day, i think she was exhausted as she fell asleep with the others on the way home. the first picture is of the kids checking out the hippo water. the second picture is of the iguanaa, they were fascinated by them, i thought the lighting was kind of cool in this picture. the last picture is the kids acting like monkeys with their hands under the arms. Oh guess what i am in a house all by myself, Chris took the kiddos out to eat by himself, can you believe it. I thought they would just go through the drive thru but they have been gone to long to do that. i am floored myself, and loving the peace and quiet. ahhhh

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Amanda said...

Great pictures. They all look like they had LOTS of fun.

Stephanie said...

Gotta love the Monkeys