Wednesday, June 20, 2007

in a big funk

okay no pics today i am in a big funk and i don't feel like taking pictures. My kids are being great and thank God for them, i just feel like i am down and don't know how to get up. I am going to dinner tonight with my MOMMES group so maybe that will cheer me up. Today we went swimmng at Melissa's house and did lunch with Chris and John it was a fun day. tomorrow is errand city and MDO for the kids which after school we are going to go swimmng again. Maybe pics tomorrow.


Amanda said...

I'm in a FUNK too. It seems like I'm more FUNKY lately than happy. Ugghhh I just wish it would go away.

Jennifer said...

CHEER UP girls...Now that I think about it, I'm the same way. Not with Chris though, we've been spending lots of time together and it's been nice. WORK stinks though, and I am to the point of just walking out. Don't know if I have the guts though.

Stephanie said...

The funkyness is getting the better of all of us. Work stinks here too but nothing I can do to change it. Maybe we just need a weekend away woohoo wouldn't that be fun.