Monday, June 25, 2007


yesterday am i took the kids outside to play, it was so HUMID i thought i was going to dehydrate, it was awful, it started raining after i took these two pictures. The girls in the car i loved b/c Audrey asked Emma if she wanted to go to the store with her, so it was a kodak moment. The last picture Emma was playing in the blinds and when i told her no she shot me this look so i really am digging this picture. Yesterday after naps we tried to go to the pool where it rained some more, then last night we went out to eat with Katie and John in Smithon, it was so yummy. I love going out to eat which we rarely ever do with the kiddos, oh well saves us some money. Then last ngiht i got called in on call from 7p-11pm, yucky especially since i didn't know i was on call, that surprise isn't the nicest. have a good day.

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Stephanie said...

Holy cow you are on the ball today. Love the blinds picture of Emma. Brian and I planned our meals out this week in a hope to save some of that going out money it can be a real budget breaker!!! One of these days we are going to join you at that pool...soon hopefully!

Jennifer said... guys had a lot going on. Too bad the weather is so sticky!!!Ughhh... Love those shades the girls have on.

Amanda said...

LOL love the car picture. Totally tells a story. I hear ya with the HOT and sticky weather. Hope the humidity goes soon, but only if it rains really really good first. :)

AmyWhit said...

I like the car one too! Very cute story to go along with it too.