Thursday, June 21, 2007

things are going better

today was a much better day, well last night started it with getting better. I think i just needed a night out with my MOMMES group to refresh me. We had a ton of fun last night, i got to meet a mom who has sextuplets who are three, really can't complain to her how crazy the days get with the pool, she would have laughed at me. Probably not she is pretty down to earth. Today was MDO and then Chris's mom came with us to the pool around 3, the kids had a blast and now daddy is doing his workout with the kids, they invited me to come along but i worked out today already and i like to workout in ac, it is hot and humid here. After the kids ate dinner i gave them baths and i took these pics of Audrye and Emma "swimming" i love the middle one, these were the first pics i've taken in a couple of days. Oh well off to clean some more, Amy and Kim are coming by for dinner tomorrow evening and i want the house to look presentable. I haven't been to dinner with them in a long while and looking forward to it,its always nice to get together with friends you don't spend time with often. tomorrow is gym, swim lessons and swimming another busy day. thank goodness i can sit in the pool with the kiddos, its going to be another hot one.

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Amanda said...

Those pictures are GREAT! Love them. Glad your spirits are up today. It helps to have some MOM time alone doesn't it. I'm outta my funk too. Had Bible study today so I got away for a few hours. I also bought some BUD today...may just have a date tonight with him even though is was a GOOD day.

AmyWhit said...

Hey, Dana! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! I checked out your blog and all I can say is WOW! I can't believe you do all you do...2.5 y/o triplets AND work! You are a very busy woman! I know it is all worth it though! You have a beautiful family!

and come know you want to try the green apple soda! LOL. Just a sip?! hehe

Stephanie said...

Those pictures are awesome dana...The bath room has fabulous natural light. If you can get a three in one like that you can hang it in the green bath room too cute!!! Glad you are getting back in the groove. Hope to hook up with you all this weekend.