Wednesday, June 13, 2007

22 fingers and 20 toes

so your probably wondering why the odd number of fingers. well today has been a bad day, i have been pissy at my kids,not only b/c they constantly pick at one another but it has been picking on my nerves. I am pmsing big time and i have yelled alot at my kids and feel like white trash mother of the year but hey my kids all said I love you at bedtime and i got big smiles so hopefully i don't screw them up to bad. so this am i tried to convert my negative energy into painting my toes, well then Audrey wanted her toes done and i painted their fingernails for the first time ever also. Call me a bad girly girl mother but painting all those wiggly fingers is just not my idea of fun. so the girls loved having their nails painted and Audrey is modeling in the first picture and Emma is in the second picture. Needless to say my son is bouncing off the walls while i am doing this b/c he is getting frequent respiratory treamtents again and is all hyped up, i mean the big napper boy didnt' even take a nap b/c he was so jacked up. Anywho he saw what i was doing and wanted his nails painted, and i did, i painted two of his nails b/c how am i going to explain to a two year old that only drag queens paint their nails, so gentlemen i did not make my son gay, the only gay i made him was happy that he got to do what his sisters do. I told Chris what i did and he didnt' say anything, i think he was just glad i removed it before i took him swimming. So tell your husbands if you want they can make fun of Christian all that they want but the look of excitement on all my kids faces that they got to do something new was priceless. Yes i still am pissy. LOL so i am going to get off of the computer and read my prevention magazine and dream big for the kids going to school tomorrow. Later.

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Jennifer said...

Love those nails. I bet Christian's look great too...LOL. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I think you should do something for yourself, like get a mani or pedi. Sounds like a good idea huh?

Stephanie said...

I am dreaming of a Pedicure myself...after yesterday's sickness I think I need something. Well I love you is the proof that bad days go unnoticed by them. I love Midol it is my best friend.

Amanda said...

The nails look great...make sure you take it off before it gets all chipped! ;) Ah don't worry about Christian wanting his nails painted too. I would paint P's if he asked too because he just LOVES to watch me paint my toes. Lucky for me though I don't have two little girls and can explain to him that only Mommies and girls paint their toes.

Sounds like you need a date with BUD and a long bubble bath. Enjoy!