Friday, June 1, 2007

splashing around

today we went to my friend Melissa's subdivision pool, i love their pool the baby pool is huge and then channels into the big pool. We didn't go to Westhaven b/c i didn't think my pool passes would be ready yet, probably will go Sunday if we can get Joe cool to go with us. so Sarah and i met at the gym and then after the gym i showered and we headed over to Melissa's. the kids had a blast and hopefully i wore them out, the girls fell asleep on the way home but i fed them when they got home and are quiet now. We need to last until after the parade and it is 230 and they just went down. Keep your fingers crossed! My cleaning lady came today and the houe is so nice again, bummer she is going on vacation and won't be here again until the 29th, yikes but a little extra money in my pocket i guess.

The pictures are so so i brough my little digital camera and the quality when compared with my biggin is crap but oh well. The first picture is Emma and Lia, Lia kept wanting to hand Emma some little toy but Emma could have cared less. Christian is trying to drink from the fountains in the next picture, that is his expensive ear plugs you see hanging, see with tubes they have to wear ear plugs so no water gets in. Towards the end of our swimtime Audrey and Emma were playing together so i snapped a picture. the last one is miss crazy hair Emma at breakfast this am.

oh mabye i will try and get a little siesta myself, i am pretty tired and i RARELY EVER TAKE A NAP. so goodnight....

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Stephanie said...

Those are so cute they look like they had fun playing at the pool. Christian drinking out of the fountain is too cute love the ear plugs. Have you seen the ones in the one step ahead cataloge(spelt wrong), oh well.

Amanda said...

Looks like they LOVE the pool. I wish we had a neighborhood pool would be so nice.

I went to get our pool pass today and they irritated the hell out of me. Get this I needed to bring in the boys' birth certificates! Can you believe that? I had to prove they were MY kids. I had them with me too. I was so mad and totally gave the girl HEll. Oh well I did go back this afternoon and get the pass...oh how I didn't want to though. Grrrr

Jennifer said...

Glad the kids had fun swimming. they had a LONG day. We couldn't have asked for them to be any better tonight at the parade. We all have such well behaved kiddos!!