Friday, June 15, 2007


okay the pic below is supposed to be today's picture. It is supposed to say Happy Anniversary Chris! We are going out to eat this evening and then to the movies I think we are going to see Knocked Up. The Davis's are also joining us, Chris and i think the more the merrier. The kiddos are at Gammies tonight having a blast I'm sure. I miss them but can't wait for adult interaction and sleeping in till 8am, i need to get up and clean. Not much new here, we went swimming today the kids had their first lessons and Christian is a good listener, b/c he followed all of their directions. Also their teacher told me they are the best kids in the class at MDO, she said they listen very well, and always do what the teacher says, WHAT? i guess it is better for them to be well behaved in public than at home, but why do they make a liar out of me? oh well we have a busy weekend planned, whats new it is summer time!


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS night. Great pic too...did you get your haircut...looks shorter and super cute. :)

Jennifer said...

Isn't that and old picture?? Chris didn't have a tie on last night. If he did, we were a bit underdressed!!! Anyway, it is a cute picture. Had a good time last night. We actually did something fun to do. Movies are a thing of the past in our books!!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!! Hope you had a great time. I heard Knocked Up was good!!! Cute picture many more years of happiness to you both.