Saturday, June 2, 2007

our first parade

oh my gosh the kids LOVED the parade, thank God b/c it was super long. They didn't go to bed until 1030 and were up at 650 this am. We went to Soulard Farmers Market this am, my mom, chris and the kids went, then we went to Dillards to get new crocs for Audrey and Emma (thanks Gammy) and now they are napping. My cousins baby shower is today and it is a family baby shower so if they don't sleep through it we are going to try and make it. tomorrow we are going to attempt the circus. Oh i just went and peeked on the girls and the girls are both sleeping in audrey's bed, it is really cute so i'm sure their nap will be short lived, i would take a picture but i dont' want to wake up sleeping beauties that could turn into the Beast.
so the first pic is of Emma, she was in seventh heaven with all the candy, every kid was taking licks of of everyones suckers, emma ate 1000 tootsie rolls i think at one time, she went up to Chris Davis and showed him her mouth, and i remember him saying "oh my you got a mouth FULL of candy", the next pic is of the kids waiting or the parade to start. the light was going down, why is there a blue tone to my pictures Amanda or Steph? I am loving Connor's expression in that picture and Miss Maggie sat so calmly in her stroller till she decided she wanted out.

good job kids you did so well. parades here we come. ETA Brian and Chris next time dont' go to the bathroom for 45 minutes at a time. Us women need to use the restroom also and you guys can just whip it out.

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Jennifer said...

Cute pics. Gotta love candy!! I wish Connor would open up more and smile for the camera and people too!! Oh Well, I guess it's just his nature.