Sunday, June 17, 2007

a great day

well today was quite busy, this am we all packed up and went to the pool, Chris had a blast with the kids and they LOVED him being at the pool, Audrey who normally is a mommy's girl was like, I want Daddy to do it, fine by me. Tonight before bed she kept saying "Happy Fathers Day Daddy" completely uncoaxed, she needed her diaper changed fifteen minutes after going to bed and before bed she said it again, Chris's heart completely melted, I think that would have been the time to ask him for anything she ever wanted. LOL This afternoon Chris had to cut grass and then around five we went to our nieces Caitlin's b-day party who turned twelve. The first picture is Adam, Caitlin's brother he is a good kid and was proud of his tatoo. Emma and Audrey were having a hayday in the backyard at the party and Chris was blowing bubbles for Christian. Christian is terrified of dogs, they have this small puppy and Christian was so scared of it, he kept crying and wanting to get away from the dog who didn't even go near him. The last pic is Audrey eating cake and sitting on my lap, i have a lame expression but i was facing the hot sun and couldnt' see real well.

I also am excited to hear from my grade school and high school friend Meg, i got an email from her today, she lives in Chicago so hopefully we will be chatting via email often. Hi Meg, glad you also are following on my blog! Welcome.

oh well i am exhausted. the kids spent the night at my moms on Friday for our anniversary and my mom started vomiting last night so please keep your fingers crossed that we dont' get it, i can handle almost any sickness except the stomach flu, three kids puking all over my house is something i don't long for. oh well happy fathers day. Happy Fathers Day to Chris, your a great dad!

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Amanda said...

Awesome pictures Dana! Sounds like you had a good but busy day for sure. Happy Father's Day Chris!

Stephanie said...

Happy Father's day Chris. Sounds like a fun but busy day!! Cute pictures awesome tattoo!!

Jennifer said...

Love the pics...sounds like you had lots to do. Glad it was nice.