Thursday, June 14, 2007

mama has her mojo back

well my funk has ended. I figured out what was wrong, after being on the treadmill this am i realized i didnt' have my exercise high. I hadn't worked out this week b/c i was sick and i felt extremely better at the start of my workout. The kids were up super early this am so we hit the gym at 830 and i worked out and then took them to school. After i dropped them off i came home and took a shower, got my new 29.95 glasses, well ordered them, and then did some shopping. nothing for me of course but oh well. It kinda freaks me out about the cheap glasses b/c why are they so cheap, i usually go to Wally world and there they are 60 some dollars at the very least, hopefully i will see out of them okay. Tomorrow is our five year anniversary, yikes i can't believe it has been five years, we have had our large share of ups and downs, but we click well together. Not many marriages can survive triplets. LOL
so the pictures, this is Emma having a snack after school, i love that look it is my fav look of miss Emma's, shes up to something. Never mind the clutter but its hard to keep a clean house.
this is Christian on Metro Link, oh we took them on Metro tonight and then to the Spaghetti Factory, John, Katie and Cathy also went, we had fun, the kids did pretty well for our long wait. He was so excited on Metro Link but i think the ride was a tad long, i get motion sickness and still am not feeling well.
My husband took these next two pictures, i like the one of the arch in teh background. The next picture i posted b/c i like my arm definitioin in this one, i am extremely negative of my body (i know issues) and i am trying to find things i LIKE about my body and my arms in this pic is one of them. never mind the tongue sticking out i am trying to pick Emma up over Audrey, no wonder why my back hurts. oh well good night.
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Jennifer said...

Glad you're better, besides the body issues. You are crazy girl! Anyway, love the pics. mmm, Spaghetti Factory. sounds yummy...Five years already?!?! Can't believe it. Time flies by so quickly.

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah, if you got the glasses where I did, they will be fine. I know too good to be true. I think I'm gonna get some sunglasses too!!

Amanda said...

Yay, glad your feeling better. Great pics and love the muscle it girl.

Stephanie said...

Awesome arm's
I worked out last night after dinner and woke up at 4 starving....
I love that glasses place mine were great too.