Saturday, November 29, 2008

playing around

Our Thanksgiving was great, we had ALOT to be thankful for this year including. We went to my aunt's house in Fenton and had a great time, my aunts DIL, reminds me of my friend Amanda she lovess to take pics in the natural light and was breaking out the big daddy camera on Thanksgiving and took a bunch of Hayden and the kids that i can't wait to see. Friday i went shopping with my mom and aunt in South County and scored some deals, uggh i have a gymboree addiction also now, i had a 20% off coupon in addition to their 30% off sale so it was 50% off, i scored some deals. Friday night we took the kids to see the lights at the Shrine and in the start of it Emma said "Daddy i want to go home, and Audrey said "me too" nice, Christian didnt' say anything b/c he is afraid of staying home forever or thats what he says, today i did massive amounts of laundry and even put it away while Chris and the kids decorated the outside of the house with the lights and we bought the artifical snow blower that ski resorts use. Okay we didn't buy that but how cool would that be. Next SAturday is my next 5K, i hope i don't freeze to death, i guess i need to invest in some armour stuff that is cold gear, maybe i can talk my mom into buying it for an ealry chrismas present, I have been running alot outside. not much new here trying to make my lists and check them twice, and then i dont' even want to think about christmas cards, uggh don't expect much from me this year i dont' have any cool ideas i guess i may check the internet or else ask Amanda martha stewart if she has any ideas. so enjoy my pics from today i was practicing with my camera and the settings.

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Amanda said...

Lol, Hayden looks like he has another little person coming out of his mouth! I hear you on the xmas card...totally not feeling creative with my own this year and well it's December 1. So I'm thinking I won't be very helpful.

AmyWhit said...

Cute kids, Dana. Your Hayden has the biggest brown eyes! Good luck on the card quest. I have an idea for mine...but like Amanda said, time is slippin' away quickly! I'd better get on the ball if I'm going to get them done and sent out!

Laurie said...

your kids are growing up soo fast!!!
It's harder being far away, I think, since I don't actually see them. But they are always so cute in the pics!