Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween pictures

trick or lots of treats! our halloween was great, my little Audrey begged to be a pink unicorn which when Friday came she pouted until i gave in and let her be Ariel,grrrrrrrr 30 dollars down the drain at least i can sell it. next year they can decide 3 days before halloween so there are no changes and they are on sale. after christian went to every house he would say "mom i got candy and i said thank you". yesterday we went to a turkey shoot for the fire dept and i won a gift card basket that is AWESOME. today we hit the park with the springers and now the kids are chillin on the couch. this time change is killin me with the early riser Hayden. off to feed a baby

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Jennifer said...

Love your little monkey!! Of course, all four are adorable!

AmyWhit said...

Awwww. Lovin' your little monkey!! Adorable! All the kids look great! I'm sure they all had a blast!