Monday, October 27, 2008

not my mug shot

On Saturday i ran my first 5K, woohoo, it has been a goal of mine for about 4 years but i never could do it b/c i would train to fast and end up hurting my bad knee, well this time i followed directions from and viola a goal has been accomplished. It was one of the hardest activities to do in my life and trust me i have been an avid exerciser for the last 10 years but i trained my body to do it and it did. The last 1/2 mile was pretty intense with just being tired, sweaty and cold, and a BIG hill but Cathy and i finished in 34 min and 25 seconds. Cathy said i was a fast runner and she didn't anticipate finishing in that time frame, she said you have no slow speed. Let me tell you i am still on a high horse from it and am most likely going to do another 5K in two weeks. Then i am done b/c i don't like to run in the cold but i will do more in the future but you won't see me doing any full marathoons unless i start smoking some crack again, LOL. Saturday night Chris and i went out without kids to celebrate my run and that was fun but by 10pm i was ready for bed, heck i am still tired and a little sore from Saturday. Anyway Cathy and i didn't get any pics of us before the run, no place to put the camera so chris took the pic of me that evening with my number. Today me and the kids did our storytime at Barnes and Noble and then came home, Christian loves to look at books, toy magazines, you name it so i had three toys r us big books and told the kids to cut out pics for their wish list from Santa and glue it on a piece of paper, they thought that was pretty cool. Tonight Chris and i got to watch the girls at tap/ballet and i forgot my camera but Chris did take pics with his camera phone. We only get to watch a total of four times, the next time i think is in December. The weather is nuts, it is supposed to freeze tonight and then be 68 on Friday, whatever as long as it is semi decent on Halloween i don't care. oh well i think i am headed for bed, getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow, i would post a pic but i am not going to have her style it since i will be going to the gym tomorrow night and don't want to waste the cute hair do to only get sweaty.

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