Sunday, October 5, 2008

busy weekend

for some reason i love fall just b/c the summer is so busy that finally in the fall we usually slow down, but recently that hasn't been the case. last week at work was INSANE, i ended up getting called in twice plus my usual hours, by Friday night i was beat. plus Hayden's nights were something to be desired so i am still tired. Friday night after i got off work Chris's mom watched the kids while we went to the chili cook off, needless to say i was pretty crabby and didn't want to go i wanted to go to bed but after we got there i had a good time. Saturday my boss had an Octoberfest at her house with a blues band, unfortunatley i didn't get to hear the band but i did go for a little while and had a good time, i wish i could have stayed but we had a wedding. the triplets stayed at my moms and Hayden came with us, the wedding was very nice and they had a fill your own candy station for favors which was super cool, plus they had wine which i enjoyed one glass. today while Hayden napped me and the kids played outside, they rode thier bikes, rollerskated and Emma had a meltdown at which she is pouting in the pic below. THey didn't go to bed till 10 last night and was up at 630 so they are kind of tired, i think i will have three sleeping kids during rest time today. hopefully we will slow down soon.

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Stephanie said...

Little miss sassy pants. And little poser A!