Monday, October 6, 2008

5 months

Hayden is 5 months today and as usual i am putting his photos up. He is the happiest baby and i think the cutest baby ever. My cousin gave us the doorway jumper thing and the kid LOVES it, he loves to bounce. I need to also get the jumperoo Jen loaned me out, keep forgetting about that one also. Hayden loves his brother and sisters, especially Audrey she can get him giggling in no time. tonight for instance on our way to dance she was looking at him giggling and he was cracking up out loud, it was so cute. Its something i can't explain to those who have one child but when you see a special moment between siblings in gives me the goose bumps. Today i also witnessed the neighbor boy Zach run up to the kids through the fence and give them a great big hug when he got home from school, it was really touching how much the two older neighbor kids love my kids. Hayden is still quite the momma's boy which is fine by me. today we went to the park with Lindsey, and her kids. Cooper and Hayden were just grinning and talking to one another it was so cute, i was afraid for one minute that Cooper was going to try and eat Hayden, just kidding. I love Cooper's feet they are so chubby and he is a happy baby also, i guess they have to be when they have three other kids to compete with,you just got to go with the flow. For those of you who like easy recipes, i made one tonight. You take a beef roast, 1 cup of A-1, and some salt,pepper and garlic powder and throw it in the crock pot unitl done, it was really good, i do have to say i love the kraftfoods website super easy. I also made whole wheat pasta with feta cheese and fat free good seasons italian dressing, the kids loved it and it is really good for you also. Got my print of the kids feet framed and picked it up tonight and it is FABULOUS. i will take a pic tomorrow although the picture will do the finished product no justice but it turned out great, for those of you that come over sometimes you will have to come soon to see it,i will be offering half price admission for a limited time. and i may just offer you a glass of the Hallowine once my supplier comes through. i tried some of this Hallowine on Saturday and this stuff rocks you can supposedly only get it in Columbia or Troy so i have a connection and hopefully she comes through soon,i am dying here.
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Stephanie said...

Happy 5 months Hayden. I'll take a glass.

Jennifer said...

I still can't get over his huge eyes. Such a cutie!