Monday, October 20, 2008

latest pictures

i dont' know why but i have been not posting lately, i check everybody else's blog for updated pics but for some reason am too lazy too post. Not much new here, i do have a new addiction and that is facebook. Last week we went pumpkin picking with the kids MDO, they had fun but you had to get small pumpkins for school, so we went to Farmers Market on Sat with the whole family and got a larger one. I should take Hayden to Eckerts to get his picture and maybe i will but i am lazy lately and like to do nothing but stay at home when the kids are in school. Hayden is sleeping much better knock on wood, watch him make a liar out of me tonight, he will sleep from 730-8 till around 330-4, pretty good sleep for me. i can handle that. The triplets are doing great, it amazes me how independent they are getting, they get themselves dressed, buckled in thier carseats well the top part. the past two Mondays we have gone to Barnes and Noble for storytime which they seem to enjoy and Hayden loves to watch the kids sing songs, he jumps around and yells, it is too funny. Christian and i have been butting heads nonstop, ughhhhh he has been testing my patience and my patience is wearing thin, i think i say multiple prayers daily to have stregnth to not lose my cool. Christian has always been a mommas boy and whatever mom said usually was good but woohoa times have changed. The kids are getting so funny, this morning Emma told Audrey she needed to get back b/c her breath was stinky, too funny, and also last week Audrey called Emma a not so nice name, ughh. Work is going well, i am considering going back regular staff after the new year, again i am considering it, it will probably be 12 hour nights, which i don't really want but if a door opens i will take it. It is something i struggle weekly with and sometimes i think i am a better parent if i am working a little more.ughh it makes my stomach turn even thinking about it. Plesae say a little prayer Saturday is my first 5K ever, i am running it with my best friend Cathy, and another friend Lisa, so nervous about it though. That also makes my stomach turn, but this has been a goal of mine for a long time coming so if i can finish i will be so proud. I think i can i think i can. oh well enjoy the pics of my cute kids, LOL

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Amanda said...

Great pictures! Are you sure you didn't have Christian cloned? Hayden looks EXACTLY like him.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I agree Facebook is addicting!