Thursday, November 20, 2008

in a funk don't know why

so i am super stressed at work long story but tonight i reached a breaking point and i am hoping to announce a change in a couple of weeks, no i am not pregnant and going to be staffing my own funny farm... not much new here, my kids have been pretty good, on Wed we went to a playdate at the Reuss's. Hayden has been sick, we don't know with what but he has a nice rash, and a nice cough, and now has a nice red excoritated bottom from his antibiotic. ughhh. and the best part is it is 120 am and i am still awake, i worked tongiht and am fired up from that, i didn't get off until late. Hayden was wide awake and wanting to play when i got home which was fine hopefully he sleeps until 6 am. I put my tree up this past Sunday and really haven't gotten anywhere with decorating it, i don't know why but for some reason i am on the go all the time, life has just gotten busy. so here are some pics, i better get in bed.

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AmyWhit said...

Love that one of Hayden in his hat! Hope you can get settled down soon and can enjoy the holidays!

Amanda said...

Get out of the funk girl. If you need to talk you know my number.

I'm thinking you cloned Christian because Hayden looks exactly like very adorable.

Way to go Emma on the name!