Monday, December 8, 2008

7 months

my baby is seven months old,can you believe it i sure can't, i love every stage i can't seem to remember the little things with the triplets b/c either it was long ago or else with three at once you seem to forget. I say this every update but he LOVES his mama, if he sees me and somebody else is holding him he will fuss until i hold him, he has his two bottom teeth that popped out last thursday finally, he loves his big brother and sisters and they are really good with him. Hayden can sit up on his own now, loves to sleep on his belly, and DOES NOT LOVE SLEEPIGN THRU THE NIGHT LOL. He takes two naps a day and would probably nap more if we were home on a regualr basis. We tried giving him those gerber wagon wheels yesterday, he did like them. We have been blessed to have him as an addition to our family, God has blessed us with 4 wonderful kids.
The first picture is me and Cathy before our race on Saturday, first of all it was cold and i almost gave up a couple of times but Cathy gave me motivation, unlike the first race where i never walked i walked a couple of times but not for long, i had a heavy dinner on Friday night and bad cramps in my legs, Cathy and her friend Carrie reassured me some races are better than others which relates to life some days are better than others and some days we need the stregnth of God, friends and family to make it through. Saturday we went to cookies with Santa a fellow triplet mom hosted at her house and had a blast. Hayden really liked Santa, good thing b/c next year he probably won't. the triplets had fun, i will post pics of them tomorrow. But i had to post the picture of Hayden and Cooper they are best buds, they even like to dress alike, LOL. I love the bottom picture b/c of the grin on Hayden' face and the giggle from Santa it is priceless.

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Stephanie said...

I know he is getting so big and going to be a toddler before you know I bet it won't be long befoer you are chasing him around the house and the kiddos are asking you to get him outta here MOM! Great job on the race !

AmyWhit said...

Oh, the last one is priceless! Love it!

Cathy said...

Could Hayden look any cuter while looking at Santa????