Monday, December 15, 2008

a long day

today i went to my MIL to make cookies with 4 kids in tow, the roads were slick not too bad, luckily my niece and nephew also had off school, believe it or not my 8 year old nephew played with the triplets almost all day, Hayden hung out in his jumperoo the first couple hours on and off but after noon pretty much was held by me, this little piggy has ate almost non stop all day i guess he is hitting some growth spurt, its almost like when he was a newborn. the triplets are almost easier in some aspects, when they want to be fed they ask for a snack, they go to the bathroom by themselves, and can entertain themselves, Hayden is not so easy plus he didn't want to nap all day but wanted to go to bed at 630 which i didnt' let him. the kids made sugar cookies which in the first picture Emma and Christian are reaching to get a cookie, Audrey doesn't like cookies (not my daughter) so she asked for marshmallows, and well Hayden apparently likes to play with my socks. The weather here bites, we have a nice sheet of sleet on the streets, with more to maybe come tomorrow and on Thursday so possibly no school which means no school till Jan 5, a long time to be trapped in the house. so as of now i sit blogging drinking a glass of wine, i need to pay bills after the kids go to bed but i am going to bed myself, i am wiped once again i slept like crap again last night. I am praying for at least a day of school tomorrow so i can finish up some wrapping and a little peace to myself before Christmas break starts.

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AmyWhit said...

sounds, to me! lol. Looks like the kids had fun though. good luck with the Christmas break...I'll be going through it with you. I feel your pain! LOL.

AmyWhit said...

Hey, Dana! Thanks for the comment. ILP stands for I Love Photography. It's a site that Amanda and I frequent, and apparently Stephanie! Gorgeous children's photography there! Too intimidating to post much though! LOL