Tuesday, October 30, 2007

getting ready for trick or treat

so no pictures today as i was getting the costumes ready for tomorrow the kids have their party at school and they have to be dressed to parade arund the houses by school. i broke down and bought maternity pants today, my jeans just dont' zip anymore well not without laying down on the bed and jumping around the room followed by two sets of 12 squats, you know we have all had those moments. LOL so i have just decided i just look fat right now, and am depressed hello i want the baby bump to stick out, now it just looks like i have baby got back, that song keeps going through my head. I will post a belly shot i think once i have Chris take one, maybe tomorrow since i will be twelve weeks. My friend Kim is going to do a hush hush ultrasound on friday, Pam dont' say a word, and hopefully be able to tell what this little bean is. any guesses?
so here is one more beach picture, Christian was so engrossed in thought i couldnt' resist. be prepared to be overloaded from tomorrow.
Also Happy Birthday to Cole Johnson, hard to believe you are one year old,hope your birthday was full of big boy grins and giggles.
Also congrats to the Reuss Family who decided to join the family of six or more club, Lindsey and her husband have triplets who are 16 months old and will be the big siblings around June 20th. Hope your all day feeling like crap leaves you,it really really sucks. Lindsey and i will be the only sober ones at our MOMMES dinners, cant' wait already for a margarita!
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Jennifer said...

I'm guessing that Christian must be looking at some animal. Great shot.

Stephanie said...

I love that picture. Well it is a sooner or later kind of thing I had to buy them early too I got some at 12 weeks... but they just won't button and are super uncomfortable. Hopefully they last you a while. I can't wait until friday I hope you get to see...I am guessing to be fair and all a boy then you will have fair fights!! hehe