Monday, October 1, 2007

such a slacker lately

so everything went well at my appt last thursday had an ultrasound saw a peanut that grew from the previous week and had bloodwork drawn that drastically shot up. i am sick as a dog, have thrown up after every meal today and i hardly ate anything i know i should but its just nasty coming back up. I am nauseated all the time, i didnt' feel this way with the kiddos unless driving in a car and sometimes between 4-8pm, rarely did i get sick. oh well at least i get a nap when the kids nap now. anyhow i am going to go try and eat some cheese and chips and salsa, that is what i am craving now so i better eat it, hope the salsa doesn't come back up. i promise i will get pictures sometime this week, i am so lazy.


Amanda said...

Isn't that the worst...vomiting! Yuck I remember one time I ate a salad for lunch came home and well it came back up. I vowed never to eat salad again while nauseaous because it was HORRIBLE. I do however recommend Koolaid because of its sweetness. LOL Naps are good aren't they, hope your enjoying them. How was the chips and salsa?

Stephanie said...

Never had the vomiting myslef but was nauseasous most days all day. Maybe you didn't vomit because you would have had 3 times the vomit hehe!!If you need anything you make sure and call me.