Thursday, October 25, 2007

i'm a big kid now

okay also check the post below for pictures, last night when i was at work chris did a mr potato head pumpkin wtih the kids, and he said they loved it. notice i wasn't home or thier clothes would be on correctly, the tag on Audrey's shirt, and their faces would have been clean. but the looks on thier faces is priceless, they are getting to be such big kids. I LOVE YOU KIDDOS. Also i am a little teary eyed lately but that new song Don't Blink by Rascal Flatts i think makes me cry, i only listened to the words last week and was in tears.
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Stephanie said...

That looks like it is fun ithink that will be the extent of our pumpkin decor except I still have to get her a real pumpkin she has a stuffed one.

AmyWhit said...

We haven't done anything with the pumpkins yet. Riley's class visited the pumpkin patch today though, so I'm sure he'll be asking any time. I don't have time for anything but work these days! Oh well...I guess I'll have to make time.

Oh, I love that song too. It's by Kenny Chesney. I was such an emotional basketcase when I was pregnant! LOL. Commercials were the worst. There was one in particular at Valentine's Day, where a little boy told his mom that he needed to bake and decorate a cake to take to school on V-day. Mom helped him. When they got to school the next morning, he left it in the car, and when she called out to him that he had forgotten it, he just turned around and look at his mom with the sweetest look and told her happy v-day. Good Lord, I cried everytime I saw that one! LOL.

Jennifer said...

That song get me everytime. It really makes you stop and think. I cherish every moment with my family even though sometimes it can be rough.