Tuesday, October 9, 2007

more beach pics

okay okay, i did take pics tonight but i feel so nauseated and am trying not to throw up b/c i just took alot of pills, pills that i should be taking. Today i did go back to the gym, i didn't get to do my weights b/c i was a little wore out but i will go back tomorrow. I am walking and doing the bike. My nausea seems to be a little better although i think the medicine is helping, who knows. Water is so gross right now, i am so sick of drinking it, nothing tastes that great to drink, maybe i will try some Kool Aid. Tomorrow it is only supposed to be 70, woohoo, i think we will play outside. the first picture is from the vacation with Aunt pam reading them a story, the next is Audrey on Martha's vineyard when she was in timeout but the timeout location had great photo ops! the next pic is me and the kiddos on teh beach and the last is Audrey again b/c rarely do i get a good picture of her lately. she doesnt' want to look at the camera. okay i need to go i am going to be sick.

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Stephanie said...

Those are priceless pictures. Love the time-out location!! Hopefully that sickness goes away soon!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one where Pam is reading to the kids. Such a priceless picture with all three listening so intently!