Monday, October 15, 2007

look for many posts today

here are some more photos from the park today, the new one mentioned below in Swansea. The alligator pic was supposed to be Christian's halloween costume but the 24 mos is just a little short but he loved playing with it, he will be a hippo a fifty dollar hippo, i want to puke at that price but he loves hippos so what the hey. the last picture is the kids with their pumpkins that they picked, they all actually were looking at me. good thing i have good kids who are entertaining the notion their mom feels like crap most of the time. oh well off to get the kids ready for bed, don't forget tocheck below for more pictures.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like the park is fun! Can't wait to visit it. I'm sure we will all be there lots! The pic of the three is cute. Little miss sassy pants Audrey, Emma sitting like such a lady, and Christian's cute smile!

Stephanie said...

Loving the park hopefully we can get there sometimes soon as I have school this weekend ugh. Love those punkins as maggie calls them...i need to get her a real punkin soon before they are all gone!!!

Amanda said...

I was hoping you were still alive. ;) That park looks awesome and looks kind of like our Fairgrounds park. Love your little DIVA Audrey in those glasses. Cute.

I bet that hippo costume is super cute. Can't wait to see those pics. P is gonna be a fireman and Cole is gonna be a dinosaur (hand me down from P). See told you second children get shafted. :)

AmyWhit said...

My son had that same alligator costume for his second halloween! He loved it! Looks like Christian was loving it too! Tell me about the ridiculous costume prices! I found Riley some great firefighter bunker gear for $60 (including shipping). He's already wearing it, so I know he'll get my money's worth out of it.