Thursday, October 4, 2007

Houston we have a heartbeat

so today i went for my ultrasound and I saw the heartbeat, a little relief off of my chest, still not out of the woods but at least we are progressing. I also have started dry heaving oh and let me tell you it is wonderful to be driving down the road and dry heaving into a bag, just love it when nothing comes up, sorry to be so honest but i am a nurse and no talk about barfing, pooping disgusts me. the dr did give me a script for some anti nausea meds but apparently my insurance will not approve a month supply only 15 pills until they get a prior auth. whatever hopefully i wont' need them that long. they also drew some blood work and said see you in a month. knock on wood the spotting has stopped. the kids have sat in front of the TV all week b/c i have felt like utter crap. I did get the green light to start working out again so hopefully that will provide me with a little energy and less time in the house. Christian who is my sweet tooth guy asked the teacher at MDO today for a cupcake party like he had last week, they celebrated a birthday last week, the teacher said how about an Oreo party and he said YEAH. that kinda cracked me up.
so the pictures the first one is Em and me walking on the beach and the rest is self explanatory. Good night!

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Stephanie said...

That picture of Emma and Audrey hugging is adorable you should hang that in their room. Ah the price of motherhood dry heaving and all but in the end we all know it is so worth it the little hand that grabs yours for the first time and just holds on love those moments!!!

Jennifer said...

Yep, I agree the hugging pic needs to be hung in the girls room. Just so they can be reminded that they do love eachother regardless of the biting, pushing, yelling, etc. Hope the meds work girl!

AmyWhit said...

awww, I love the hugging pic. very adorable. I sure hope you are feeling like yourself again real soon. Thank God I never had the morning sickness. Just a bit queasy now and then.

Amanda said...

Oh Dana that last pic is priceless! Hope you get to feeling better.