Monday, October 29, 2007

sneak preview

these pics are from yesterday i let the kids all try on their costumes and Chris took pictures, it is very hard to get photos of all three looking but the girls had to have their sunglasses on, and for those of you who know my son you will agree the hippo totally fits him, HE IS IN LOVE WITH HIPPOS, well he loves any jungle or zoo animals, he begs me to watch either Tarzan or Jungle Book all the time. I limited the TV time today as we played with Moon SAnd, note to self to buy stuff we can mold with, and play doh, and went to SAms, then this evening the girls and i walked while i pushed Christian in the stroller, the girls walked about 1.5 miles and now they are all watching Tarzan while i blog. i am trying my best this week to adapt to the time change as i don't want them up at 6am and have a battle for a week, i can handle 645 but anything earlier and you have a grumpy mommy. something about waking up before them. Tonight when we were walking a police car drove by and Audrey says "mommy they put bad people in the back behind the screen" what where did she learn that, then she told me that the bug had died, how does she know about death. I have my appt on Thursday am and hoping to get cleared for the gym again, spotting, knock on wood has completely stopped, i was going to go today but Christian is still requiring every 4 hour treatments and Audrey's nose is non stop so i think i better wait till they are better before i get them sick again. PLESE NO STOMACH FLU. Last week at work was horrendus, jsut busy and i worked alot, yesterday i was completely exhausted. Today my boss calls me and yells at me for some accucheck charting error, (i did what the machine told me to do and she said i was wrong, well maybe if she would ever do an accucheck she would know what i am talking about) vent, i never get talked to but who ha she was on a mission today, and trust me my boss is not a nice person to deal with, luckily i am on her good side but saw the bad side today. just pisses me off i bust my butt and work understaffed and did the job of two nurses but yet get reemed. I wish i just sat around and did nothing, somebody once said that to me that don't nurses just sit around, ha that is not a funny joke. okay enough of my soapbox, momma has her groove back, now only if i could tell this nightime puking where to go!

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Stephanie said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes!! The hippo is perfect. Glad the spotting is gone I meant to ask you the other day but I am sure you get sick of being asked. I bet you are exctied about going to the doctor on Thursday I will be very happy when this weekend is over, I have a lecture ugh I dispise public speaking. Audrey picks up things os quickly but yeah where the heck did that come from!! Yeah I would wait to get the ok from the dr to go back to the gym. You hang in there girl the vomitting will stop sooner or later...preferrably sooner!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy. Glad your groove is back and hopefully you'll get rid of the puking soon.

Those costumes are cute and Christian is such a FAB hippo. LOL I love it.

Jennifer said...

Love those shades on the girls. And, yes the Hippo costume is perfect for Christian