Saturday, November 3, 2007

too lazy to upload pics

hey all,not much new here, a busy busy weekend, tonght was my FIL 70th bday party which the kids had so much fun. on the way home every stop sign Audrey would shout out "STop now, that is a stop sign and you need to stop" hello she is three not ten, then after i would stop she would say"Honey you can go now" , dont' know where she learned that from. i am coming down with a sore throat, i am achy,, and my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen, i felt like i had a low grade temp earlier so off to bed for me, tomorrow i think i will post some pictures. off to switch the first of 7 loads of laundry and finish washing dishes. good night.

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Stephanie said...

sounds like a busy night hope you got some sleep in there too..