Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy 70th birthday Grumpy

Saturday they had a surprise bday party for my FIL and here are the pics, the kids had a ball dancing as you can see,, and i absoluetly adore these dresses on the girls. my cousin bought them from a home boutique in Chicago and i think i am going to order them another one, they wash great and i am not afraid to let them wear them. check out anyway check below for another poost. off to the gym and then to the park to meet my friend Becky.

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Richard!! Those dresses are adorable I will have to check out that site...what size are the girsl wearing so I can compare the size idea. Thanks

Amanda said...

Very cute dresses! Thanks for the link...not that I have any girls but you know there are always gifts to buy!

Jennifer said...

Cute dresses...too bad Connor wouldn't look too cute in them.