Friday, November 16, 2007

attempt at a self portrati

okay so i wanted to do a belly shot/self portrait but i just look washed out and frumpy. oh well i will have Chris do a belly shot when he gets home from deer hunting on Sunday. tonight we went to dinner with the Davis's, McGuires, Scott's and me and the kiddos. some man ended up picking up every one's tab at our table, we didnt' know him he told the waitress that he enjoyed seeing families together. IT gave me chills, when our kids get older i want to do something like that for people, that was so nice so thank you angel. tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to and then i am going to an engagement party in the evening childless. chris said he may come home tomorrow but i won't hold my breath. Christian finally got the lightbulb moment and is peeing on the potty, he is pooping on my floor but i know that will come with time. well he is peeing while sitting on the toilet, my floors and walls are getting the majority of pee.
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Jennifer said...

Cute hair. I am still tingling about tonight.

Stephanie said...

I love the are glowing already!! by the way I like Pollyanna!!! That gentleman touched my heart it still gives me the goosebumps.

AmyWhit said...

cute! I'm not brave enough to try a self-portrait! LOL.