Sunday, November 11, 2007

a lazy weekend

not much new to tell here, this weekend we have been lazy, the kids have watched alot of movies, Chris mowed grass yesterday so we couldn't go outside, Christian is having an exacerbation with his asthma and honestly at night again i won't be surprised if we wind up in the ER, during the day he is okay at night he coughs so much that he can't sleep and he has been wheezing at times which isnt' good. He is on every four hour treatments again and his coughmedicine so i hope he gets better without a hospital visit. in the bottom picture he wanted to dance with Audrey in Barbie and the Island Princess, he loves dancing with her, he does look nice in pink LOL. The middle pic is Emma she is quite the diva lately and cries if she doesn't get her way, this am i told her no and she spit at me, ohhh i was so mad i put soap in her mouth, if it sounds mean it may be but i don;t want my 6 year old sassing me and i was afraid if i put her in time out and had to touch her i feared for her safety, my sanity was gone at that point. I am feeling better for the most part, just in a funk. Cathy came over Friday night, the kids love her so much and it was nice to just sit and visit and chill, we don't get many visitors without leaving the house. I guess my funk is working so much, i am completely exhausted at the end of the day and feel like i really don't have time for much other than my family. oh well off to give another treatment, i hear a coughing boy calling me. the kids are watching Rudolph now,i love Christmas!

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Amanda said...

Ahhh spitting... your there too? P spits and tells me Daddy does it. But I have to tell him Daddy only spits outside, not wherever he feels like it. Glad you mentioned soap, I totally forgot about soap.

I hope you get out of you funk soon. It's not fun!

Jennifer said...

I was just saying today hoe my mom used soap a lot on me because of my sassiness. Guess it's better than getting a beating! Hapefully you feel better soon, we all get in that mood.

Stephanie said...

At that point you take what works right. Love those pictures and movies aren't bad they give a little needed sanity!! We watch Clifford while I make dinner so I don't have a screaming child saying up constantly we would never eat dinner if that was the case.