Monday, November 5, 2007

trick or treat

finally i have energy but not alot of time, we are off to the gym this am (hooray) i am in the clear and the kids noses are not running but will be i'm sure by tomorrow from being exposed to the gym, LOL. anyway the kids had a blast trick or treating, we were out for 2 hours which is a long time and alot of walking, the lots are so big in our neighborhood and you dont' want to walk on peoples grass so you have to walk up the driveway and around to the sidewalk, a couple culdesacs were grouped together and had their candy on a table which was nice. Our next door neighbor who works for AB had a cooler filled with beer outside for the adults as you can see i took a picture, i really wanted a beer. oh well i need to get dressed for the gym.

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Stephanie said...

The kids loook so cute in the costumes. Glad to see some pictures I understand the busy-ness!
Have fun at the gym!!

Amanda said...

LOL at the beer. That is one cool guy. Adorable pics of the kids in their costumes. They look like they enjoyed trick or treating.

AmyWhit said...

Love the one of the lollipop sharing! So sweet!

Jennifer said...

Love how Christian is sharing with Emma. It's not always that easy is it? Looks like the kids had a fun time trick or treating