Tuesday, November 27, 2007

back in the swing of things

okay i am hoping to get out my camera every day now, or at least blog b/c otherwise what would there be to read. LOL Emma has been such a moody little pill lately i am really ready to just blow, she throws massive tantrums and is so sassy, she hasn't been like this and i think that it really is testing me. We had a nice thanksgiving, i worked but had a nice morning. We also bought a new minivan i pick it up tomorrow, gulp i want to throw up but with baby boy on the way we need four tether anchors so my kids safety comes first, so much for that new Porsche i was hoping for. I took the kids outside this afternoon since it was somewhat nice and here are the pictures. The first is Audrey, for once she looks at the camera, and the next picture i told them i needed to send to Santa, then we blew bubbles and just had a fun day. we do have a nasty stomach virus running through our house so i have been doing laundry like a mad woman, luckily it is just diarrhea but it was easier to clean up when they wre still in diapers. OH and good news my boy finally had that lightbulb moment a couple of weeks ago and goes on the potty, i am a firm believer in waiting till they are three when there are three of them. I f they aren't ready they just arent' ready and i tried earlier in Sept and he just wasn't ready. tomorrow is my triplet moms group dinner in MO at Chesterfield Mall at cheesecake factory, yummy so glad i am not feeling like crap any more, just extremely tired. Good night.

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Jennifer said...

Glad to see your back. I love Audrey's face while blowing bubbles. Such cute kiddos!

Amanda said...

I LOVE the pic of the girls hugging. That is adorable...too bad Christian wasn't in that one too, it would have made a GREAT christmas card photo. Glad you got to enjoy the nicer weather and I hope that that little bug leaves your house soon. Yay on the new van!

Stephanie said...

Love that picture of the girls I agree it would be cute for cards if you can get all three,who cares what they wear just so long as they are dressed right!!