Sunday, December 2, 2007

my favorite things

so i lit the fireplace on Friday it was cold and i love a fire, well the kids liked it except for Emma, she said No it is going to be hot" then Audrey and Emma were worried that Santa would get burned when he came down the fireplace, i proceeded to tell them that we won;t turn it on that night. a eventful weekend, somehow i got a ton of energy on SAturday and baked 8 dozen cookies for my cookie exchange, did a buttload of laundry and organized a drawer, then i was trying to cook dinner when Chris is wanting me to check our alarm system (we had issues friday night) so then i lost it and he took the kids out of the house so i could have some peace and quiet. Thank you honey,i appreciated a quiet house just wish i didn't have to go crazy psycho preggo woman over the whole thing.

Christian started coughing yesterday so right away i started his meds, well he coughed all night and by 300 am was gasping for air, Chris took him to the ER since i was exhasuted and so dizzy i couldn't stand without wanting to fall over, of course i couldn't sleep while he was gone and then had to get up with the kids at 7, luckily my mom came over so i could get a little sleep in, then i took a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon. I have a Dr's appt tomorrow so i better shave my legs, i hate shaving me legs and feel that i am providing extra warmth to me for the winter.

this is not their Christmas picture b/c they are looking goofy.
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Jennifer said...

Hope everything is back to "normal" at your house. Keep up on the rest mama! Cute picture even though they are just being goofy!

Amanda said...

Busy woman you've been. Sometimes it takes a "crazy mama" to just get 5 minutes peace...been there.