Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas photo shoot

last week i did my Christmas photo shoot, it went fairly well except i was rushed and now Audrey just smiles real goofy when you tell her to smile,and by the time i got to Christian the fire was hot and he said his back was hot and didnt' really cooperate. The kids spelled out JOY and Amanda designed our card, Stephanie was kind enough to upload to winkflash since my computer was acting stupid so now i just await the order to mail and send out. We haven't gotten all that many cards this year which ususally we do but i don't know if we aren't popular or if people are just getting them out later. Christian has some serious congestion issues that causes him to cough nonstop when he lays down, the treatments aren't working since it isn't an asthma issues this time.
Tonight i told Audrey to go pick up all her stuff well she came in Christian's room where we read a bedtime story every night and said" Well i picked up all my shit" i'm like what did you just say, "i didn't say nothing mamma. I need to watch what i say, i do say the s word alot and you can tell. oops. anyway i need to go yell at the girls Audrey says she has to potty for third time, and i am getting ticked off, she pottied already twice, and it is just a stall tactic trust me. Her and i butt heads like there is no tomorrow but i do love her. oh well i need to get her in bed and make sure she goes this time.

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Jennifer said...

Okay, I posted a comment yesterday. What happened? Super cute photo of Emma. Of course, all three are adorable. We haven't really gotten many cards either. Don't worry, mine will go out eventually.

AmyWhit said...

Love the second photo! They are so cute. I laughed out loud at the "shit" comment from Audrey! LOL.

Stephanie said...

So Cute that I think about it I think I posted a comment the other day too.