Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more pics from this weekend

i didn't get the camera out today, actually i was quite productive otherwise, we went to the gym, i cleaned, did laundry and mailed off my Christmas cards. i was supposed to work but they cancelled me due to overstaffing, fine by me, i am seriously thinking about being a SAHM when this baby arrives for awhile, i just can't do all this call and my hours plus have people on standby to watch four kids, we will see though. I am going to cross this bridge when the time comes. this evening we went to dinner with my mom and her friend Dea, we went to Maxwells' which is yummy, the kids behavior was something to be desired but they are three not twenty so i guess my expectations are too high, nobody in the restaurant even stared or looked at us so i'm sure they werent' as bad as they were in our minds. I think tomorrow i am going to call the dr's office and see why the sides of my mouth are cracking so bad, Chris even made a comment saying it looks like i have herpes, which i don't but when i wear lipstick it really looks even worse and more noticable, plus i am OVEREXHAUSTED and not doing all that much to be that tired, i thought the exercise would give me more energy but if it is i would hate to see how i feel with not exercising. Today at the gym after i did the elliptical thing i went to the bathroom and a little spotting again that only lasted one time, NO MORE elliptical, the treadmill doesn't cause that, and i'm not overexerting myself on it either.
and no more of not napping for the kids, last night was AWFUL, i bet i was up at least six times between Audrey and Christian, Audrey would cry out saying she had bad dreams which only seems to happen when she is sleep deprived, and who knows why Christian was up, twice he had to pee but his pullup was wet this am, i am glad that he is pottytrained but this waking up at night is for the birds, the past couple nights Audrey has taken her own self to the bathroom in the middle of the night, i really don't let them drink after 6, i guess they have our overactive bladders, LOL. oh well i am going to get in my jammies sit on the couch and study the inside of my eyelids, wish me restful sleep. WAS everybody this exhausted during their pregnancy or is it just chasing after kids?

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Amanda said...

It is really more exhausting since you are chasing after 3 3 year olds. I only had to chase one when I was pregnant with Coley and that was enough. Take it easy girl.