Sunday, December 16, 2007

no pics today

i havent' downloaded the pics yet from the Santa breakfast and our two days of playing outside in the snow, i was going to do that this evening. Today was my work Chirstmas party, we met at Lotawatta Creek, i drank a ton of water and of course during my bathroom break noticed that i started spotting again. So i called L&D and i came home and rested, i thought i was having some contractions but after a ton more wateer, and i did drink ALOT today they seemed to stop. Not sure why i was spotting,nothing unusual, i guess just something to keep me on my toes. I also am experiencing more cracking on the sides of my mouth which i dont' think is good, i take my prenatal vitamin everynight so i don't know what else is missing.
We got three inches of snow and played yesterday and today, the kiddos had a ball, we built a snowman yesterday, the snow is so pretty and the roads are pretty safe. I think i finished my shopping also today thankfully, tomorrow during nap if i dont get called in i am going to wrap the kiddos presents.
oh well i am beat, its funny how shopping is tiring,LOL Hopefully one day my energy will come back.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you got your shopping done. So exciting. Now you can relaz a bit and catch up on that well needed rest. I didn't do any shopping like I said I would.

Amanda said...

So sorry to hear you were spotting. I hope it has stopped and you are getting some much needed rest.