Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas past

so here is my attempt to blog everyday, i have't got the camera out today b/c i am trying to make reservations for our Diseny trip where to eat, apparently people book all these restaurants in advance so knowing where you will be with three three year olds in advance is a real piece of work. i had my dr's appt today, it went fine baby's heartbeat is 145, 7lb total weight gain, i think it is in my boobs, and apparently my platelets are low, so now i have diagnosed myself with leukemia. They will recheck them at the next appt.
Christian is doing much better, a little hyper from either A being cooped up or B from the steroids, i just talked to his asthma specialist and he said give him one more dose of steroids tomorrow and then we can stop them, woohoo. Last night everybody was conked out, i went to bed at 10pm and woke up when the clock said 7, pretty good for a preggo woman who pees all the time at night, i hope i didnt' wet the bed. i work tonight, Wed and Thursday so should fly by this week. Here are pictures from their first Christmas, that is my moms cats head in the picture, John is playing Santa Claus, Audrey is in the middle. in the first picutre L to R, Emma Christian and Audrey, second pic is Emma, Audrey and Christian.

oh well off to watch Cailou with the kiddos
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Stephanie said...

That first pic should be the one you put in the paper when they are 21 hehe.
Good job on the dr visit it is so scary when they tell you weird stuff like that and it is most likely nothing. Enjoy the show maggie loves that!!

Jennifer said...

It's hard to believe that those babies were so small! Those binks take up the whole face!

(On another note, don't find out that your water broke because you are playing around) LOL!