Monday, December 17, 2007

snow days

okay the pictures i took at the firehouse are all blurry and just bad, even with trying to edit them i did awful, hopefully Stephanie got some decent pics of my kids. These are from when we came home from the firehouse, notice in the first pics my kids are not wearing hats, that is b/c they went immedieately from the van into the snow, they loved walking around in it. The second pic is of Emma throwing some sonow, they all picked up snow and were throwing it at each other, that was their idea not mine but it was hilarious. audrey is making a snow angel in the last picture. They love the snow and beg to go out and play in it, which is fun but it takes me twenty min to get them all dressed for outside, then after 20 min somebody is crying b/c they are cold, that is the only downfall to this weather, snow is cold when you fall in it.
Today we went to the gym, then we went to my MIL's to bake cookies, the kids were very good and we skipped naps, Emma was so tired that during our usual bedtime story she asked if she could go lay down in her bed, they were in bed by 715, i know early but they get up around 645 lately and with no nap i may be in for a disaster tomorrow. No spotting today thankfully. Thanks to Pam, Steph, and Lindsey for calling to check in on me, i appreciate that. I work tomorrow.
I am excited for thursday's MDO day, it will be a day of wrapping and house to myself, i am not going anywhere, i am going to veg in my house, can't wait. I love my kids to death but something about having the house empty for a couple hours is like heaven. I say that now and i will be running around like a mad woman on Thursday just out shopping with everybody else. I need to pay some bills now and just veg on the couch. I dont' know if it is pregnancy or if i am just not taking enough rest time but i am absolutely exhausted every night. My hands are even tired today.

good night.

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Amanda said...

Ok, I LOVE that 1st totally ROCKS! Parker asked if we had snow today, I said now. He said Mama it's going to snow in 20 days. LOL I think he wants some to play in also.

Stephanie said...

That first picture is too cute. I have pics of the kids from breakfast with Santa just need to get them uploaded to website. But I will get there soon.