Sunday, December 9, 2007

girls Christmas party

so Friday night was our annual girls Christmas party, first year in 2002 we just went to the melting pot in St. Louis, the next year we have been buying for a needy family since then, there are 9 or 10 of us, can't remember but two of us each buy for somebody, we get a wish list. Alana one of the girls in the group is a teacher at a grade school and she gets a family's name and then we go from there, we always have our party the first Friday in december, we eat, drink (well not this year for me) and wrap gifts, its always a good time with lots of laughs. The first picture is Jen an Cathy and the next pic was supposed to be a group pictures but Alana and Jamie got cut off from my camera, Tina and Beth couldn't make it due to previous plans but they were sadly missed. Saturday i had my mommes cookie exchange, i had to make 11 dozen cookies, why why why did i volunteer to do that. anyway we went to Tina who has the sextuplet's house, she toldme to bring the kiddos so i did and they had a fun time, so did I. i probably would volunteer to do it again. Last night was the Davis's annual Christmas party, that was also a fun time, i made an awesome dip that consisted of cream cheese and Harry and David's pepper relish, oh my gosh so good,then toay was a way lazy day.
ughh put the kiddos to bed early tongiht with no nap yesterday and a ten pm bedtime last night and Audrey is still in there screwing around, i just want her to go to sleep, i want to go to sleep but i can't b/c our rooms but up against each other. whatever. we are supposed to have freezing rain tonight bummer, and Christian is starting again with his cough so this should be a great night. oh well off to tell audrey to get her happy feet in bed so i am a happy mommy in the am. good night.
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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good time on Friday. Yep, lazy day for me today too. Didn't shower or really get off the couch after we cleaned up the mess this A.M. Oh, your fingers look extremely long and quite freaky in the group picture. LOL...too bad some head were cut out.

Stephanie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, to bad for the cut off heads.